Project Title:

7000 Miles Project

Project Manager:

Ilias Kyriakidis

Project Summary:

The 7000 Miles Project is on a mission to foster the production of media content and  collaboration efforts between the Cypriot and American film industries.

In this project, we plan to present up-to-date data reports along with the appropriate marketing techniques to promote the numerous incentives that will attract U.S investors to want to participate in collaborative projects with Cypriot based film and media companies and professionals. Our goal is to mark the beginning of a new era in the Cypriot film industry by enabling its potential to become a serious market competitor for U.S investments. Furthermore, promote public diplomacy through film production practices that are inclusive, sustainable and benefit the growth and interests of the U.S and Cyprus. Finally, the project will play an important and intriguing role in gathering people from both Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities into a joint effort to collaborate on the production and the finalization of various media content on the island. And under the Embassy’s umbrella both communities can bring relevant experiences and ideas on the table that will later assist in attracting US projects in Cyprus.

The mission:

7000 Miles wants to provide opportunities for U.S and Cypriot filmmakers, media professionals, and entertainment industry participants by promoting Cyprus as a production hub for U.S based Productions.

The problem or critical issue which the proposal seeks to resolve:

Cypriot media professionals, investors in film, and the government lack the resources, appropriate marketing schemes and the professional experience in working with large scale media projects that are necessary to attract U.S based productions. What is more important to note is that countries that surround Cyprus have successfully established their own film industries where locals have opportunities to work with U.S based projects thus growing their countries economy, and gaining important exposure to the craft of filmmaking.

The critical issue that I want to solve is the lack of well organized, detailed and well marketed information regarding Cyprus’ potential to compete with such states due to the island’s climate, urban landscape for film scenery, tax rebate friendly policies for film productions and more.

Finally, through the 7000 Miles Project, we want to give the opportunity for Cypriots in both communities to work together in future film and media projects, learn from American filming protocols, and grow the film industry within the island in a sustainable manner. Something which the island systematically ignored or does inefficiently.

The direct audience of this project will be U.S and Cypriot Film and Media professionals, Investors in entertainment and the media, and organizations that support the expansion and growth of the Cypriot film industry, bicommunal projects. Amongst those our aim is to target both large media companies in the U.S and small media companies in Cyprus that will provide services for the benefit of both communities.

After conducting research on successful filming campaigns that attracted U.S Productions in countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Hungary, I have realized that not enough public information and the appropriate marketing approach has been enforced to make Cyprus a serious market competitor while being well aware that the Cypriot climate, infrastructure, tax rebates and the culture will make the island an attractive film location for U.S Productions.

I came to realize that the lack of professional and vocational training in production meant unorganized , unsafe and unsustainable filming practices which in no way would benefit the future, legacy, and respect of Cypriot filmmakers. Meanwhile, foreign countries implement successful schemes for attracting U.S projects in their own countries and do well enough so the same companies would return for more projects and therefore generate economic growth, improving diplomatic relations and promoting globalized sustainable film production opportunities that would signal the future of filmmaking in a global sphere.