HANDS (2021)

An experimental short inspired by the Heider and Simmel Shapes Illusion.

Honorable Mentions:
2022 - BAMPFA FIlm Festival
2023 - Switzerland International Film Festival
2022 - Cyprus Horror Society

Is Behaviorism reliable?
Behavior may only act as a possible disposition but can one escape this projection? How different mental experiences produce different understandings of this hand game? 

I wanted to test out how can hand movements reflect human character and emotion. - Thing T. Thing (Addams family style) Themes of sexuality, competition and gender hegemonies drive the plot. Sound Design made to mimic the extremely personal interaction between humans, their feelings and physical fatigue. 

Directed and Produced by Ilias Kyriakidis
Hand performance: Carlota Bravo, Emma Weil, Danae Papaevgeniou, Theresa Costa. Hand Choreography: Ilias Kyriakidis
Sound Operator: Daniel Charlnder
Music: Jihea Chang
Supervision: Nico Pedera